Alderleaf Farm

A simple farm that was run by a wise female halfling of forty-five named Qelline Alderleaf. She was long time friends with the druid, Reidoth.

Qelline and her son were instrumental in helping the party get into the Redbrand’s hideout safely and also in helping the prisoners make it to safety. They introduced the players to the name Reidoth, but the party did not meet him until Thundertree.

The party helped defend the farm from Redbrand attack and thus have earned the ability to stay in the hayloft for lodging. Taklann has been more appreciative of this as the rest of the party stays at the Inn when possible.

Pate “Patchy” Nighthill, brother of the governor, Tarbaw Nighthill. Patchy is a former adventurer who gets his nickname from the eyepatch he wears. He is amiable, very friendly to everyone, an excellent cook, and a good storyteller. He helps the party to bond while on the road, encouraging them to talk about themselves and sharing his own tales of adventure.

Alderleaf Farm

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