Magic Items Wish List

+1 shield*
Stone of good luck
Cloak of protection +1*
Headband of intellect
Periapt of wound closure
Winged boots
Pearl of power*
Bag of holding
Necklace of adaptation
add +1 to the Plate mail at 6th level

Arrows 1
Bag of Holding
Boots of Elvenkind
Bracers of Archery
Cloak of Elvenkind
Quiver of Ehlonna
(Rare Item)
Fredonian Longbow – 5 Charges, Hunter’s Mark (1 charge), Web (2 charges), Restore 1d41 charges at midnight. The web spell requires a successful attack roll to activate, but can be used at any range the bow can be used at. If all charges used, roll D20 (on a 1, the bow is no longer magical)
(Very Rare Item)
Arrows of Slaying (orcs or goblins)


Any magic weapons or shields, +1 or otherwise
Stone of good luck
Cloak of protection
Periapt of wound closure
Bag of holding
Cap of water breathing
Dust of disappearance
Javelin of lightning

Magic Items Wish List

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