Red Brand Camp

The Redbrands were a group of mercenaries and brigands that, in approximately 1481 DR, had settled in the resettled frontier town of Phandalin near the Triboar Trail and the Sword Mountains.

With no local lord or powerful authority within the small town, the Redbrands have been able to harass the farmers and prospectors for months. Many locals are afraid of standing up to the bandit group, including the townsmaster, the closest thing to local authority Phandalin had, Harbin Wester.

Each Redbrand wore a simple, dirty scarlet cloak and have a hideout beneath the abandoned Tresendar Manor. They were led by a mysterious leader, known simply as Glasstaff.

The Redbrands were driven out of town, along with their leader, after a group of adventurers attacked their hideout. They are rumored to have taken residence in a secret camp Southeast of Phandalin. The lumber shipments have suffered from their relentless attacks.

Red Brand Camp

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