Ruins of Thundertree

Thundertree was a small village in the mountains west of Neverwinter, in the time of 1365 DR. It was destroyed in 1451 DR.

It was a source of wood and Zalantar.1 Also it is known as the home of Aribeth de Tylmarande

Thundertree, by the time of 1451 DR, was an overgrown wasteland. All the building have been destroyed and its interior open to the weathers

Thundertree was once a community that prospered on the edges of the Neverwinter Woods. However, when Mount Hotenow erupted in 1451 DR, it devastated the small town. In the wake of the disaster, zombies drove off any who survived the eruption. Sometime in the 1480 DR, the zombies have crumbled to dust, but strange magic had turned the local flora into twig blights.

By the time of 1451 DR, no one inhabited the ruins of Thundertree. There were two exceptions: Reidoth and Venomfang.

Reidoth was a gaunt, white-bearded human druid that visits the ruins of Thundertree from time to time, keeping any from wandering into the dangers that lurk within the ruins.
Venomfang was a young green dragon that had taken the ruins of Thundertree as his own lair as of approximately 1480 DR. The Cult of the Dragon had followed the dragon and hoped to gain its alliance.

The druid was little help when trying to deal with the dragon so the party decided to clear out the town first before coming up with a plan to run the dragon off. Once the town was cleared, the party entered into negotiations with the dragon. But the promise of diamonds, sacrifices and a castle all his own was not enough to persuade the dragon. Melee ensued and dwarven resilience was strong enough to resist the dragon’s most devastating attacks. The dragon fled, but clever insults brought it back into ranged attack area and the beast was felled. Interrogation of the beast was interrupted by the collection of it’s scales and vital organs.

Ruins of Thundertree

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