Stonehill Inn

A modest inn that was run by a short, friendly young human male named Toblen Stonehill. Toblen came from the east of the Triboar, seeking the opportunity in prospecting like many others. He soon found that he knew more about running an inn than mining, and so he established the inn.

The Inn is a hot bed of good food, gossip, and community. Once you have spent time here, you are not a customer, but family. It is often said the the Stonehill Inn is the true government center, chamber of commerce, and town square. The beef briquettes and hard cider is of great quality.

His wife and son have been active in steering the right people the party’s way and Taklann and Pip have formed a bond. Taklann provided Pip with a dagger of his own crafting and was teaching Pip how to defend himself. His mom was a bit skeptical at first but Taklann’s bravery and honesty has won her over.

Kevin spends his coin here drinking and carousing while the rest of the party use the inn as a place to recoup and gather information.

Stonehill Inn

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