Townmaster's Hall

A small building that worked as the towns council building. It also housed a small, but serviceable jail in the cellar. It was run by the townsmaster, Harbin Wester.

Harbin was a weasly, weak leader who was pushed over by the Redbrands. O’Dell is hoping to replace him with a member of the Lord’s Alliance or Seldar to help bring some order to the frontier town.

His jail was full of captives until a contingent from Neverwinter finally came to haul them away for justice.

Taklann Hammerlock – Kandul has been jailed by Harbin Wester at The Townmaster’s Hall. Harbin believes he is innocent, but the facts point to guilty.

Kandul has been arrested and charged with leading red brands who operate out of Kyptgarden Forest Southeast of Phandalin. He was found unconscious next to the bodies of three slain woodsmen, covered in their blood, with evidence of a recently abandoned Red Brand camp in the area. Phandalin wants him executed.

Harbin Wester – Believes Kandul is innocent. He can hold off the town for a week.(100 GP for finding the Real Red Brands)

Kandul – needs you to go into the dark dangerous woods and find proof of the real bandit leader’s identity or better yet, bring him to justice.

Townmaster's Hall

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