Lost Mine of Phandelver

Session 24

Tomb of Diderius

Raven (Kayla)
Orik (Alex)
Klang Rockseeker (Toby)
Valin Numenor (Steve)
Rolen (Mike)
O’Dell Hammersmiter (Bob)

Our heroes had traveled far to reach Boareskyr Bridge, then miles north into the Serpent Hills tracking down Varram and his band. The villain’s trail led them to a ruined settlement outside the entrance to a tomb. Having made one attempt into the tomb, they had retreated back to the ruined settlement, only to encounter and defeat a trio of trolls.

Bagged Halfling and Missing Wizards!
While the remains of the trolls were cast onto the fire, O’Dell took a break to look around and take in his companions status. Once again Caesare was no where to be found. Bah, wizards! Never had he trusted wizards completely, but this disappearing in the night business was making him suspicious. Perhaps the Red Wizards of Thay were playing a long running joke on the Goblin Stompers?

It was then that Raven called out that she had found something, pointing at a large rucksack hanging from a tree branch with something wriggling inside. It seems the trolls were keeping something to eat for later. Cutting the bag down, it landed with an audible whiny “Ooofff!” Orik opened the sack and a halfling tumbled out, squinting and rubbing his eyes, begging for his life.

O’Dell and Klang groaned at the site of halfling…one with the rough look of rogue about him. He wore a headband of sorts and introduced himself as Rolen. His confusion about his whereabouts was as obvious as he was weaponless. O’Dell quieted Rolen’s pleas for life and explained that no harm wold come to him. In fact, Rolen was offered an internship among the Goblin Stompers. Eager to find some protectors, he readily accepted.

Klang glanced at the opened toed shoes common among halfling adventurers and then approached to present the terms of the internship. Rolen realized this was a shrewd dwarf, a scowl persistent on his face. The terms were that all loot was property of the Goblin Stompers, weapons would be leased to him until he had earned enough to buy them, and he would remain an intern for several weeks of adventuring before he gained full member status.

Rolen had little intention of sharing any loot he found, but wanted to learn his situation and make plans before betraying the contractual agreement. As if he would follow the rules of a party like some dolt. But he had to play along for now.

Klang and O’Dell, satisfied that the rules had been explained and accepted, were ready to get back to sleep. Those on watch for the rest of the night were to keep an eye on both the surrounding ruins and the new intern.
Back into the Tomb of Diderius*
The following morn, they first cared for their elephant mounts and again approached the entrance to the tomb. The statues asked the same question: “Halt! You come before Diderius, ether walker and conduit of clairvoyance. Behold ye now his wondrous triumphs! Diderius extends wisdom, and Diderius offers knowledge. Which do you seek?” This time it was Valin who answered, “wisdom”. Walking forward into the tomb’s entrance, they passed the door off its hinges and into the now familiar hallway with several statues on either side. The disembodied voice once again warned of thing not meant for mortal minds.

No one was halted nor stared babbling this time. Reaching the door on the far end without incident, Rolen and Raven entered the room and looked around. The chimera tile attacked and both rogues fled, leaving the door open behind them. The chimera flew through the door delivering a blast of fire to the rest of the unsuspecting Valin, O’Dell and Orik just outside the door. Then the two dimensional beast flew back into the room. Pursuit into the room was followed by a pitched battle that ended with the chimera tile falling to ash when Raven dropped it with a arrow sneak attack.

The room’s high ceiling was colorfully decorated, with a sun over a double door. The word “safe” scrawled in chalk on the wall next to the single door and a hallway led off at an angle on the opposite wall. It was an unusual combination of oddities – something that only dwarf would need to look at closely. O’Dell flew up to look closely at the sun artwork, seeing something odd. He asked that the rogues inspect the double door. Together they figured out the double doors were trapped to drop rubble if opened.

As a result, they opted for the door marked safe. Beyond they found a well, a basin, and a brass lever on the wall. A group of red mushrooms were growing by the water. Orik identified them as liver mushrooms – they taste like raw liver when eaten, but don’t keep for long after being picked.

After some experimentation, they figured out that water put into the basin would go somewhere by operating the brass lever, but where they had no idea. No traps or other exits were found. So they moved back to the previous room and towards the hallway on the far wall. Rolen called a halt, rigged a rope to the double door so he could spring the trap from a safe distance. His argument…no sense leaving a trap unsprung.

The door opened as Rolen pulled and the rest stood in the safety of the hallway. Down came the rubble and rocks, spilling down into the room with a crashing noise equivalent to a natural rock slide. If anyone was in the place, they knew someone was here now…possibly dead.

After scouting the rubble for anything of value and if any passage way opened behind it. There was none. So they all moved down the hallway – Valin in the lead, followed closely by O’Dell and Orik. The hallway was inclined such that they were going downhill. A good ways down the hallway, Orik felt one of his feet sink a little and then a boulder of bones fell on them from the ceiling. Getting entangled in the bone boulder, they rolled down the incline of the hallway. It was made up of skeletons that slashed at the heroes before exploding in their midst as it reached the end of the hallway. Luck was with them that day, all three dodging the worst of the damage.

Klang dispensed powerful healing with recently granted powers, getting them back on their feet. They moved forward more cautiously now, opening the door and entering a large room. No further boulders fell, nor traps ensnared them here.

Mummies, Golems, and Devils! Oh My!
From one high corner, there was a small duct through which sunlight beamed. They assume it opened high on the cliff face. Tapestries covered one wall, but no foes were in sight. Two doors offered separate exits, but something didn’t feel right.

Then there was the whisper only a few heard and only O’Dell had any clue to its meaning…something about Mystral. Having no clue as to its true meaning, the heroes shrugged it off. Dead wizards and their tombs – always full of nonsense.

Klang, curious about the tapestries, reached out to touch them only to realize that there was a sarcophagus in a niche behind each. He had the rogues inspect them for traps, only to find they were opening. Undead mummies began crawling out of them – six in all. Oops! Didn’t see that coming.

The mummies got a few hits in, teaching the heroes that they could deliver both necrotic damage as well as a curse with their rotting fists. Oy! Time for Klang to turn undead, turning four of the six mummies. Valin dropped two with his bow, and Orik and O’Dell finished them off.

The DM let on that he was not tracking experience per se, rather using milestones for leveling up.

While taking a short rest, Rolen and Orik had their curses lifted by O’Dell and Klang. Healing surges were also used to bolster their spirits. Valin and O’Dell were looking about the room and “voluntold” the intern Rolen to take a closer look at the duct. After Rolen reported that it ran about 20 feet before opening on the cliff face, they had him fill it with some of the rubble from the hall from whence they came, just to make sure any creature of flight would not be able to return easily.

They opted to exit one of the doors that the rogues reported hearing nothing beyond (A quiet tomb? Who knew.). Opening the door, they were greeted by another large room dominated by a large dais, upon which was a 12-foot tall human statue(?) with a white beard in a purple toga sitting on a throne-like chair. There were six fine silver necklaces, assorted trinkets and potions, along with copper and silver coins spread across the floor in front of the dais. As they moved closer, it appeared the statue may not be of stone.

Valin took the lead, interpreting the items and coin on the floor as tribute to this deity, Diderius, and put something of small value among those in front of the dais. He assume, if nothing else, perhaps it would not spring any more traps. Others in the party followed, but O’Dell and Klang were less enthralled with this idea and just stood there stubborn, pondering what their own deities would think of such a move.

Valin reminded them that there were many good gods worthy of donations and was motioning for them to do likewise. O’Dell decided that this was foolish and shook his head, then reached down for the treasure on the floor and put it in the bag of holding that Klang held out. The statue began to stand.

After witnessing several powerful attacks by the Goblin Stompers having no affect on the creature, they all new this was bad. Realizing this was likely a golem of some sort acting as a guardian and imbued with strong defenses, Raven decided the greedy dwarves were being idiots and gently relieved Klang of the bag of holding, spilling enough of its contents out to make sure what was taken was returned to the donation floor. The statue sat back down.

Klang shot her a glance that would normally have incurred radiant damage if he had had time to put divine energy behind it. Instead, he was busy running through a mental list of divine spells he received that morning that might avoid his and O’Dell’s foible and still walk away with some loot. Deciding on banishment (thinking the creature’s charisma too low to resist), he made sure the golem was in range and cast. A soft blue light briefly enveloped the golem as he left this plane of existence with a quiet “pop”.

Klang warned them, “Tis only temporary – ye must be gone afore he returns. Be quick ‘bout gather’in and be gone!” Klang then quickly grabbed the books and scrolls that had spilled out and what coin he could hurriedly scoop up. The others did likewise and then followed Klang as he ran to the nearest door, threw it open and ran up the stairs beyond. Orik, the last one through, closed the door behind them with a slam.

We were not able to gather all the loot here, so we just went with 50 silver coin and the six silver necklaces (50 gold each).

As Klang reached the top of the stairs and opened the door, he stopped open mouthed as the other rushed past him into the room. A handful of bearded devils(!) sat playing cards and talking while sitting at one of the two long tables. Valin, being fleet of foot and wit, was in front and the first to greet them. The devils glanced over, not overtly concerned about their unexpected entrance and not moving to do battle. Instead, they replied to Valin’s greeting and asked what brought us. Valin explained that we were in a hurry to leave the room at the bottom of the stairs. They pointed at the wall where “? DANGER” was written in chalk next to the door, saying, “We know.”

Seizing the opportunity to gain some information, Valin asked what they were doing here. They explained they were working for their master, Varram, who had left explicit orders to wait for him. Prodding them further, they revealed they were working to help get Tiamat out of the 9 hells under orders from lord Zariel of Avernus. Varram, they said had lost something important to his cult and was using the divination pool of this place to find it.

At that point, they seemed reluctant to offer much more. Klang offered each of the five devils a necklace from the previous room to help loosen their tongues, sincerely hoping that if the golem followed them up the stairs, it might attack them instead of Goblin Stompers. They noted the divination pool was near the entrance of this place, they’ve been killing a lot of undead here, and that a treasure was beyond the door and down the stairs behind them.

At the mention of treasure, both Klang and Raven headed for the stairs. As they started down the stairs, the devils attacked. After many rounds of battle (involving “halfling bullshit rolls”, a guardian of faith, and Raven killing the last of them), the bearded devils were laid low and the necklaces recovered.

Trapped Spirits
Moving down the stairs, they found a dumb waiter. After some intern hazing, in and up went Rolen the halfling. After coming back down, he reported that the rickety thing took him to the room where all the rocks fell. Nothing of value there.

Entering the door at the bottom of the stairs, they were greeted by some six ghost-like creatures scattered about in a bed chamber, complete with a chamber pot. Rolen managed to hit one with a non-magical arrow, which suggested these might not be ghosts, but some lesser form of undead. Valin struck with a lightning arrow, causing squeals of pain among several.

Two of the translucent creatures passed into Hugs and O’Dell, discouraging Goblin Stomper attacks on them for fear of hurting the companions (even if it never stopped them before). Klang let loose a turn undead spell and all but one creature started to flee, but could not leave the room (again strange that such creatures cannot pass through walls). Orik killed the one that wasn’t fleeing. Valin and Rolen both missed. O’Dell and Hugs dealt some damage. And so it went until the 2 wraiths and 4 spectres were dispatched.

Searching the room for the treasure the devils mentioned, they found 7 silk robes that were magically free of rot (50 gold each), a ring of Amethyst (poison protection), 2 scrolls of protection from energy, a silver ewer, and 4 goblets. They also found a loose brick, behind which were magical runes carved into the wall. After some speculation, they reasoned that the runes bound these creatures to the room and may likely have forced them to return after a time. So they scratched the runes off with a magical dagger.

While Klang and others were ogling the contents of the bookshelves, Orik found book lodged between the wall and the bed entitled “Transubstantiality across Potentialities”. After fumbling over the first word several times, they took the book from him only to realize none of them could make sense of what it might contain…some sort of planar travel perhaps? That made Orik feel a little better. It had not suffered the test of time well and was crumbling along the edges, so they gently stored it away without opening it.

The well preserved contents of the bookshelves included a litany of magical treatises and notes on divination, detailing the spellcasting practices of the ancient Netheril (750 gold).

Experience: None to report.
Defeated Monsters: Tile chimera, bone boulder, 6 mummies, 5 bearded devils, 2 wraiths, 4 spectres
Total Coin: 45250 gold, 3670 silver


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